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Well, that's it, I guess

I felt that it didn't really fit the narrative, as Maru had been primed to die from nearly the beginning, and having him cheat both hematoma and a vicious stab wound (that Eun Gi totally failed to see, for some reason. Glasses, maybe?) that left him bleeding out in an alleyway and dramatically voice-overing to boot felt inorganic.

After some time, however, I have managed to turn the first "Bwuh?" opinion around into being pretty satisfied. If we look at just Maru's story, the happy ending does kind of fit, especially when one factors in his death wish turning into his final wish to live and love Eun Gi in a more mundane way, and another is his trajectory from hopelessly in love to creepily obsessed to in love again but too fucked up to admit it to normal guy. I think I might have missed one or two in there, bur you get the gist. Lastly, it's a nice bookend to Eun Gi's amnesia, where Maru forgets everything after his surgery but then begins to remember because of Eun Gi, just as she began to remember her past life (for better or worse) because of him. The more I think about it, the more in love I fall with their quiet ending, Maru giving her those wedding rings that he bought so long ago and the two of them just beaming happily at each other, so happy to finally be in a place mentally and physically where they are free to love each other the way that they want to.

There were issues of course - I hate it when dramas feel the need to wrap up all their characters into neat little boxes, but that's a staple with kdrama so I really shouldn't complain. But seriously, if you were going to bring Joon Ha in to show us he survived the terror or Ahn, the Evilest Lawyer, I wish we could have seen a little more of him. Also, I really, really wish that some of the hospital drama that totally wasn't could have been skipped for more of the Adventures of Amnesiac Maru and Horrible Baker Eun Gi. I would have liked to see less stalking and a little more working through things, but if those two things are my only complaints, I'll take it and be happy. So many dramas fail so spectacularly in their last half that even though I am a little sad that the end of Nice Guy wasn't as tight as the rest of the drama, I will keep in mind that it could be worse.

And hey! All three of the dramas I started this run with ended on good notes! That's definitely something to be happy about! :D
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