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Nice Guy (Oh, Shut Up)

I thought that I was going to be able to relax about this drama until Wednesday, mostly because I managed to make my mum listen to my rants and theories for about an hour (yes, an hour. I say again, shut up). I was sure that I would be just fine until Wednesday thanks to that talk. Then I went and visited koala's site.

Where she has spoilers for Wednesday's episode of Nice Guy.

Maru is buying a ring. So the marriage is still on, I suppose, though I don't think it is on for the reasons that amnesiac Eun Gi had. According to koala, it is to get her own back at Jae Hee, and Maru is going with it, knowing all the while what she is up to.

So I know that I have whined about how angsty things are going to get, and how I would love to see a happy(ish) ending for my OTP, but you know what I would love more than anything? If Maru was completely clueless about Eun Gi's regained memory, and is happily bouncing along thinking everything's dandy, only to be slapped in the face later. I don't know why I want the angst, but I do. I really, really do.

Only now that I think about it, I guess that can't happen, because if there is to be a wedding scene in Ep 17 (which for some reason my mind absolutely refuses to compute, I don't know why), then Maru must know that Eun Gi has regained her memories, as he told her he wouldn't marry her until after that happened. So he must know that her memories are back if he is ring shopping. I guess. Or maybe he's marrying Jae Hee. Heh. Half of me thinks that would be hilarious and the other half most definitely does not.

So what if fo my angst-loving soul, Maru knows that Eun Gi has her memories but thinks that she still chooses him, when in reality it's some weird plot to Bring Those Fuckers Down. Heh, okay, so he buys the ring and thinks that they are going to get married, then shows up at the wedding and finds that his bride is Jae Hee, and Eun Gi's all "I've decided you two really are perfect for each other." Kidding.

Or it could be a dream. You know, happy Maru having a rich fantasy life, all the while knowing that it can't possibly come true.

Argh. Is it Wednesday yet? My fix, I need it.
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