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More Nice Guy - My Drama (and Obsession, natch) is BACK

So after Wednesday's recap, I was beginning to feel low with my drama. Like it just wasn't satisfying me anymore. I was afraid that it was doomed to head the way of other dramas that I thought I'd love all the way through and then didn't.

Holee shit, do we have some interesting stuff that is about to go down. Eun Gi has finally regained her memories, and Maru may or may not be aware of it. Also, she may or may not be getting ready to unleash the full force of her wrath all over everybody. She certainly isn't feeling the happy roses marriage wanting love that she was at the beginning of the episode, that is for sure. Open eye kisses can never be a good thing. Everyone knows that love kisses involved closed eyes, not evil stares over shoulders.

Suddenly, my interest and worry is back tenfold, and I am comfortably (or not so) back where I was before the slump happened and I started to think that things were slowing down too far.

What I cannot get, though, is the attitude that seems to be prevalent about Eun Gi's anger towards Maru. That attitude is mainly that she has nothing to be angry about, as she walked into things with her eyes open, and as such should give Maru his happiness while she still can (because you know he's going to die at the end). Eun Gi is my favorite, so perhaps that is why I don't understand this view very much, or why it kind of seems like what is being said is really some variation of "Maru is angsty and Song Joong Ki is pretty, so forgive him already because he has had enough guilt and blame for a lifetime". I'm actually not disagreeing with any of this (Song Joong Ki + all the red shirts = OTP), but I am suggesting that we look at it from her point of view.

She meets this guy, right, and falls for him hard and fast. Then she learns that the only reason he'd ever even looked at her was so he could get back in bed - literally - with her stepmother.

Then she goes crazy, tries to commit murder/suicide (definitely the suicide, maybe not the murder, although I'm really not sure), and winds up with amnesia for a year and a halfish. When she gets her memories back, what does she find? That the same man who told her that he would do anything to get his "Jae Hee Noona" back is now posing as her fiance - in short, that he is back in his beloved noona's orbit, possibly still working to both take her down and get her back, and manipulating a much more malleable version of her to do it. If she ever finds out that Maru promised to leave after she got her memories for half of Tae San, that will just make him look worse. Yes, he's been sweet to amnesiac!Eun Gi, but how much of that has been an act? Possibly she was easier to be sweet to when she was helpless.

Speaking of which, say Maru really does care for her now. Well, that begs the question of what changed? What made Eun Gi with amnesia so attractive to Maru, that he might get over his obsession with Jae Hee and fall for her, when he wasn't willing to do so for a Eun Gi who had all of her memories, who stood straight and strong even as he patronized her love and eviscerated her on that beach so long ago? Could he really not love her when she was strong? Was it only her weakness that drew him to her? If so, will he cease to care for her now that she is back to being her prickly self?

Add that to being hit again with her father's death and knowing that she wasn't with him in his final moments because she was busy chasing a guy who was in love with someone else, and yeah, Eun Gi is bound to be screwed right on up. I firmly believe that some of this is going to be anger at herself. Maru has said it, other fans have said it, and I believe it: Eun Gi was well aware of what she was getting into with him. She was warned, and chose to ignore the warning. Some of the resultant heartache, therefore, is on her own head. I don't know how long it will take her to admit that, but Eun Gi doesn't seem like the type of person to blame others for her mistakes for very long. That said, coming to terms with her part in her own heartache might not make her more receptive to Maru, but less. She could go completely in the other direction, telling herself that all the things that she thought she saw in him were just her fooling herself, and that she is not going to be running headlong for a man who has warned her that he is not a nice guy ever again. This time, she will think with her head and not with her heart.

And we must all remember that though the audience is privy to Maru's angst about what has happened with Eun Gi - we know that the beach scene was for her own good, that he waited for her to come back, that he is completely done with his Jae Hee obsession, and that the amnesia simply made it easier for him to express the love that he already felt - she has no idea. She doesn't get his happy shower scenes or voiceovers, and she isn't in on his talks with Jae Hee, Joon Ha and Jae Gil, respectively. All she's got to go on is what she sees and what she is told - and quite a big chunk of the evidence points to Maru being up to his old tricks.

So she's confused, angry, and carrying around a huge chunk of guilt besides. It makes so much sense to me that she's going to lash out at those she feels are at least partly responsible, and yeah, Maru is high on that list. And of course he's going to let her, because he's a bit of a masochist and he has this annoying habit of martyring himself for the women he loves. But I think that after the initial lashing out is over, Eun Gi will calm down enough to understand that the guy she's doing her best to destroy isn't the guy she wants to punish anymore. The real question is whether she will do this before either his Bleeding Brain or her Penchant for Suicide kicks in and kills one or both of them.

No, really.

So I'm back. Yay! Also, be warned that just because the drama wraps up in two weeks it doesn't mean that I will. Right now I'm just talking about recaps, when I start watching the show (after knowing how many tissues I'm going to need to stock up on, of course), there will be Thoughts. And probably caps, because this show has got me in a way that I haven't been grabbed in quite a while.
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