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Seriously, this is like Nice Guy makes Lizz bounce crazily week. First the kissing, then the return of the memory, then no extension! Why so wonderful, drama gods? Are you giving me my week of happiness before the shit hits the fan in a big way? So kind.

I've heard rumors that the extension was being considered because fans were freaking about Maru's imminent death. That will suck, yes, but I think it would cheapen the story to change the ending just because the fans want it to be happy. Look at the writer! Look at the other projects she's done! There's no way in hell one of them isn't dying, and for my part, I'd rather it be Maru. Though I am starting to worry that all this foreshadowing is going to turn into a big red herring, and it is going to be Eun Gi who winds up dead, and then I will have to cut someone. So I'm worried, but I'm bouncing, because no extension!
Tags: kdrama, tv: nice guy

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