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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ~ Seth Grahame-Smith

In the vein of historical fiction, this book tells the true story of the Civil War. Yes, Abraham Lincoln was honest and good, and led the country to abolish slavery. But no one knows that the real reason why the ware had to be waged wasn’t only because slavery was immoral and wrong, or even because most of the South wanted to secede from the North. No, the war had to be fought to prevent the slavery of all mankind from an insidious foe that had found deep purchase in the South. Vampires.

My Thoughts
Not bad, but not really my cup of tea, either. The beginning nearly bored me to tears, as it was mainly dry exposition about young Abraham Lincoln, and thus a good ninety percent history. I am not a big fan of historical fiction as it is, so I wasn’t too keen on that part. It got better once Lincoln started to fight the vampires in earnest, but it was never going to be something I would have picked up on my own. There were parts that I enjoyed, and some of the dark humor was fun, but those points were few and far between, so I found myself taking a long time completing the novel. Final verdict: not bad, but not something I’d be tempted to pick up and read again, either. Just not for me.

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