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YES! Eun Gi has regained her memories and she is pissed. Oh, feisty Eun Gi, I missed you and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve now that you're back. Never go away again, okay?

My one question is does Maru know? Koala thinks yes and from the recap I'm inclined to agree, which means that he is fully willing to play whatever game she wants. As penance? Because he loves her? Whatever the reason and however it shakes out in the next four episodes, I as a viewer am totally going to expect him to keep his promise to stay by her side if she wants him (once she's calmed down and stopped being as furious as she looks in that last cap during the kiss). He said if she still wanted him after she got her memories back, he would never leave her no matter what anyone says. He better not.

I had a feeling this was coming at the beginning of the recap when Maru was so damn happy. And want to bet that Eun Gi stays pissed until Jae Gil 'accidentally' lets slip Maru's condition? I just really hope that Eun Gi kicks his stupid ass into the hospital for the surgery, and that Koala's dire predictions about Jae Sik killing Maru off for Jae Hee don't come true. Don't do it to me, drama!

Drama is totally going to do it to me, isn't it?
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