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Happy Halloween!

IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME! I love this holiday. It's probably my favorite, truth be told, and as such I was in the best mood all day. I don't dress up, mostly because even though I have ideas, I hardly ever think to execute them until it is far too late to really do the costume justice. But I do enjoy the kids that come to my house to trick-or-treat!

Not only is it Halloween time, it is Wednesday, which means, of course, Nice Guy and American Horror Story talk. But the show doesn't start for another twenty minutes, so first I want to talk about Faith.

Faith ended its run today at 24 episodes, and I've already stated that it could have been shorter without losing anything, so I'm not going to rehash that here. What I will say is that I found the ending to be good, despite my fears (and maybe hopes. Now that both Arang and Faith have landed in a happy place OTP-wise, I'm more certain than ever that Nice Guy is not going to end well. *cries). I kind of really liked it that Eun Soo had to go back to her original time, and keep trying to find the right portal to Choi Young. I also think it was really sweet that he waited for her, though I'm sure we all knew he would. He's just completely and unswervingly loyal like that, and unless Eun Soo died and he saw it Choi Young would never stop waiting for her to come back to him. It's right that she had to wait and work for it because messing with time has a price, and she would have to become future Eun Soo to leave the letters for herself in the past. What I find myself wondering is if the Eun Soo who left the original diary for herself experienced things the same way that this Eun Soo did. It seems to me that she would have had to, so all of her dire warnings are kind of needlessly dramatic, aren't they? Ah, but why am I thinking of the mechanics of timey-wimey stuff when there's pretty to be had? I kinda dig on the grizzled look for Lee! Min! HO! He was lookin' mighty fine as an older Choi Young.

Plot wise, this drama didn't do much for me. Sure, the time stuff was interesting, but for me that always falls apart when I start to think about it too hard. The politics weren't really my kind of entertainment either, to be honest. I don't really know the history behind the time period (aside from what I have been able to glean from reading dramabeans recaps), and to be honest political intrigue isn't really my genre. What I was in this drama for was the relationships. From the first episode, I have been tuning in to see what happens with Eun Soo and Choi Young, and Noguk and Gongmin. In fact, there were times that I was more involved in the secondary pairing than the OTP, and that never happens to me. When I read that in real history, Gongmin loses it because Noguk dies in childbirth, I was so, so sad, because I have come to love these characters, and knowing that their tale doesn't end happily breaks my heart. Granted, in this version they have Doctor!Eun Soo, so who knows? Maybe she lives. In fact, that is what I prefer to think.

So that is what I will miss. That is what I watched for. But whatever sadness I feel at this show being over is transient. It wont linger. Still, it was really, really cute. :)

Whew. For a second I thought that American Horror Story was an old episode, but I was wrong. And hey! We're not going to watch Adam Levin and his on-screen wifey be killed over the entirety of the season! Good to know. I had a feeling that it would get old quickly. Man, there are always weirdos in these things. Why would anyone go to a "haunted" house with the sole purpose of torturing and killing the thrill seekers in it?

YAY! Possessed Sister Mary Eunice! Ooh, she doesn't like it when Sister Jude calls her a ninny. I can't wait for her to lose her shit all over the place. EVIL NUN!

Hi, Zach Quinto! Oh man, I do love it when he and Jessica Lange snipe at each other. I hope he stays all season and they keep getting into glaring and sneering matches.

Whoa. Sister Mary Eunice is my new favorite.

Hey, it's that guy!

EVIL SISTER MARY EUNICE IS MY FAVORITE! Oh, she is totally playing the doctor and Sister Jude against each other. I love her.

Holy crap, was Kit really abducted by aliens? That bug thing is creepypants.

Is Sister E gonna kill that Mexican lady? I really think that she is. Or possible just psychologically torture her. I like that better. Alas. Looks like death it is. Why, demon!nun, why? Oh, to feed the creatures? Hm, interesting. Am I right in assuming that the demon thing inside of her has a crush on Bloody Face? Because that's what it looks like from my angle. And this thing with the doctor. Seriously she's going to misstep in a minute-or not misstep so much as act exactly the way he hates. Oh, this demon is fun. I know I keep saying it, but it's true. Also, I might have to forgive that whole gratuitous stabbing the Mexican woman in the neck thing.

"You're asking me to betray Sister Jude" pause "Where do I sign up?" Hee. I love how much he hates her.

I'm not sure how I feel about the nympho. I can't tell if I feel like she;s overacting or what. And part of me still thinks that Grace is more screwed up than the rest of them.

Oooh, so now the doctor and Sister Jude will be talking at cross purposes. Or not. Wow. Sister Jude is losing it. I feel like when she really lets go, things are going to get very, very fun. And I think that is part of what Evil!Sister ME is aiming for. *rubs hands together in delight* Wine time! Things are going to start getting crazier!

Aaaand Sister Jude is drunk. I am forced to wonder how things are going to shake out. Is she going to be even more cruel with some booze in her? Part of me thinks yes. And then she turned into Pollyanna and scared the shit out me. Oh, Sister Jude is breaking right on down, isn't she? If she's not careful they're going to commit her to her own asylum.

And hmmm, is Lana going to believe that Kit isn't the killer? I mean, I'm not saying he won't be eventually, or something just as bad, but I don't think he's Bloody Face.

Wow, is everyone in power in this place absolutely nutters? I want to see what the priest - holy shit, what if the priest is Bloody Face? Seriously at this moment he's the only one I've seen who isn't either possessed or batshit. Seriously, he has to fit in somehow, right?

Guys, GUYS, I know you are enjoying your Shawshank moment, but move. It.

Zach Quinto, why are you ratting the patients out? You have to know that everyone in the place is insane.

Man, for a moment this show was almost turned off and not watched ever again. Rape is not my thing.

You know something? I think that Bloody Face has nothing to do with the doctor's creatures. Please let it be the priest.

Whoa. So those guys are seriously never getting out, are they? That's kind of good, as I like Kit almost against my will and I still think Grace has a dark secret that needs to be revealed. Lana, well, aside from the lisp she doesn't really-OH HOLY SHIT HE CUT OFF HER FREAKING FEET. That is hard core. And from the preview it looks like doc will be using her as his test subject until she dies, missed by no one and thought of only as a runaway. Now I'm finally seriously creeped out by this guy.

Not much to talk about in the way of Nice Guy. The last episode was interesting enough, but it kind of felt like a rehash of what we've sen before. Jae Hee gets Maru arrested, Eun Gi can't remember anything, and Joon Ha threatens Maru to keep him away from Eun Gi once she regains her memories. Koala believes that Maru tried to make Joon Ha take the offensive so that when Eun Gi does regain her memories, he will pull her away from Maru. I think this time she might be right. I think it's because he somehow knows or fears that there is a chance that Eun Gi will forgive him his past misdeeds, and that if she does he won't be able to walk away, so he needs someone to be willing to make sure that it happens. If that is so, martyr boy once again needs a slap upside the head. Honestly, what is it with all these men deciding what is best for Eun Gi? Shouldn't she be able to decide what-and who-she wants? I mean, sure he was a total bastard, and if Eun Gi were my family or even a friend I would think that he was nowhere near good enough for her, but I would probably be overruled, and I would have to abide by that decision, because ultimately, it is hers to make. And honestly, as someone who has he privilege of seeing all sides due to watching a drama, it's so obvious how much he loves her that I can't even be too against the idea of her forgiving him. I will admit to a little thrill when he grabbed her and told her to remember that moment, because that would be their first kiss. Sometimes his desperation to have Eun Gi think well of him despite his determination for for her to find out just what a creep he was to her really hits me where it counts, and by that I mean in the heart. Weird character comparison time! So in my head cannon Yong Ha is in love with Jae Shin despite knowing that he is in love with Kim Yoon Shik/Hee, and though he sincerely wants to help his friend get the girl, he can't help sabotaging every attempt he makes to help, because he is at his core too selfish to really aid Jae Shin in his wooing of the girl. I get the same feeling with Maru. He thinks that Eun Gi will be better off without him, so he encourages her to remember that he isn't as nice as he appears, but at the same time he can't help but pull her closer, and hope that she never remembers how awful he was to her, because he selfishly wants her to stay. What he seems to be conveniently forgetting is that he was the one who pushed her away. She would have forgiven him everything, but he didn't let her. Or maybe he does remember that, and that is why he is so eager to make Joon Ha hate him, so that when the time comes someone will be strong enough to do what Maru no longer feels able to, due to that aforementioned selfishness. Still, Eun Gi. Her life, her choice. I also liked how this episode showed the real difference between Jae Hee and Eun Gi. Jae Hee is about monetary gain, while Eun Gi is about gaining love. But think about their childhoods, and you might see where they don't feel as though the lack the thing the other strives for. Jae Hee had Maru for a long time, loving her unconditionally, and Eun Gi was always financially secure. They want what they lacked. I also thought it was interesting that both of them were willing to give up Tae San for Maru, but while Jae Hee wants to own him, Eun Gi wants him free. Interesting also what he said to her when she asked if it were possible to get him through giving up Tae San - why would she want just a physical body. She can't own his heart anymore, it belongs to someone else, but I don't know if that matters so much to Jae Hee, really. I kind of think that owning Maru is what she is after, not necessarily getting his heart. She wants to possess him as thoroughly as she used to, and it drives her insane that she can't. Not sure if that really has anything to do with love, because it's really about power. Jae Hee likes having power over those around her, and now Maru is out of her reach, and it frustrates her. I don't think she'd be happy with is love if she had to give up on everything else. I am pretty sure it's just lip service to see if she can get him back. We'll see what tomorrow's episode brings.

Also I really hope that this drama doesn't get an extension. I feel like it has a story, and that story shouldn't be elongated, especially as the amnesia is already taking this long to resolve. I am pretty sure that adding episodes that haven't been thought out yet would kill it. Don't do it!
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