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American Horror Story, Yuletide, and Nice Guy (shocking, I know)

So Adam Levin is going to take several episodes to die? No, he is going to die tonight I think, but heh. I'm kind of amused by the idea of him getting more and more hurt as the season progresses, culminating in his death at the end.

And hey! Looks like the Ethan kid might not be the krazy killer after all. So maybe this role really is something new and different for him.

I seriously can't decide if Sister Jude is evil or not. Obviously the doctor is evil, but is she just a fanatic? After what I am seeing now (electroshock for a patient that she doesn't like/is afraid of what will be told if she ever gets out, holy shit) I am starting to think evil. Huh.

Quinto! Hi! I loved you in the first season. Are you going to rock it out this season too? Oh, please tell me you're going to rock it.

Oh, hell, we are going to go with the random alien plot line, then? Mmkay.

Yes, doctor, what are these creatures? I want to know. Oooh, is he going to fuck with the wimpy nun? I think that he is. Heh, so he's encouraging her to eat his forbidden fruit? Nice, Murphy. Very nice.

And what is up with the "sane chick" who didn't kill her family? I don't know if she is crazy or not, but there's something going on there. Maybe she's secretly the devil.

Okay, I could seriously watch Zach Quinto and Jessica Lange glare at each other all episode. Can we have more of them?

Who's the specialist? WHO'S THE SPECIALIST?? Oh, hai, hot priest. You are still hot. WHO. IS. THE. SPECIALIST? Oh. Not as epic as I was thinking. Too bad. Time for an exorcism! Seriously, is everything going to happen in this asylum?

Oh man, is wimpy nun possessed? AWESOME. I like this development.

Treat? With ominous music I don't think you're getting a treat, lady. Man, do I want to know what this dude's deal is. Is he just a decent guy who was fucked with by aliens and is now going to be even more fucked with by psychotic nurses and crazy patients? Or is he really secretly just as messed up as they all think he is? TELL ME SHOW!

And okay, based on the preview for next week, I think I am going to love evil!nun.

I am busying myself with reading Yuletide Letters tonight. I hope some kdramas get written for, because they are sadly lacking and it makes me die a little inside that I can't get my usual fic fix from my current fandom. I am going to love watching Yuletide craziness this year, after years and years of not even paying attention. The letter I'm currently reading has requested Sungkyunkwan Scandal as one of their possibilities for fic, and my goodness I hope that is what gets written. More importantly, they've requested Gu! Yong! Ha! Now I doubly hope that this is the one that their author chooses to write. Mostly because she is just as amused by the fact that Yong Ha genuinely enjoys fucking with people as I am. Also she mentioned the twirling! Also she ships Yong Ha/Jae Shin...but seriously, who has seen the drama and doesn't? I'm pretty sure that Yong Ha ships it too, and Jae Shin might. Maybe. Almost without knowing it. Yong Ha could talk him into it, I'm sure...

Heh. Another Yuletide letter where the requester wants a rewrite of the scene between Yong Ha and Sun Joon where Yong Ha confesses that he thinks dirty things about Jae Shin. You know, more than he did in the actual show. :) But seriously, who wasn't thinking dirty thoughts about Jae Shin at some point in that drama? Exactly.

Aw there were only two letters for Sungkyunkwan. Sad. Still, any fic for that show is something I would like to see, if it features Yong Ha. Twirling. And picking on everybody he comes across. Yes, please.

Nice Guy talk wont be long this time. All I want to say is that if Eun Gi has another freaking bout of amnesia and forgets Maru I might have to start thinking that my pretty new show has jumped ship. That will make me very, very sad. I will give the show a chance to prove me wrong, because I still believe in it, but it better not make me sad. At least not in the "man, this show started so well" way.
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