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Wherein I Give up

So apparently Nice Guy is to be 20 episodes and not 16, as I'd originally thought. My response? Fuck this game! I'm watching my drama in real time, sucka! So from now on, consider this space primed for Nice Guy babble. Oh, the book reviews will be there too...when I'm not busy obsessing.

...well, I can only read recaps right now. Have to wait for the weekend to watch. But I will. Fuck it. I could have waited one more week. Not three. Not that I'm complaining that it's longer than I thought. I was wondering how they were going to wrap it up in the next four eps. The only problem that I see is that the extra eps give the drama more time to go sideways, but I have faith (heh) that it wont. It'll go to the crying place, for sure, but probably not the sideways place that makes no sense.

Prepare yourself for weekend babbling, is basically what I'm saying. Only this time it wont be speculation only, buffered by brief periods of watching. WOOT.
Tags: kdrama, tv: nice guy

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