Lizz (random_glitch) wrote,

I just remembered

...that American Horror Story Season Two premiers tonight. Woot!

Yeah, that's right. A Western show. I do watch 'em sometimes, you know.

ETA: Jessica Lange is still amazing. Holding out on that Evan kid. I mean, I loved his character in the first season, but I haven't seen him in anything else so the jury is still out. Apparently he is playing a murderer. How new and different for him. And I really hate Sarah Paulson's voice. It irritates me. Oh, well. And the sweet farmer from Babe is an evil doctor. Okay, we'll go with it. Huh. The dynamics between the head nun and the freaky ass doc are interesting.

Also, the priest is hot. I don't blame Jessica Lange's nun for being all over that, even if it is only in her head. It just shows that she has good taste.

Not sure if this will become the guilty pleasure that the first season was, but I suppose I'll find out. I'll give it a couple of least until Nice Guy ends its run and I know how things end.
Tags: tv: american horror story

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