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Drama Catch Up

Thought I would take this time before I get back to recapping books to talk drama. Because let's be honest, we all know that's really where my heart is at the moment, and where it is likely to stay for the foreseeable future.

Right. So I guess we could do this by show. Let's start with the one that I've actually been keeping up with, shall we?

Oh, Faith, I don't care what anyone says, I still love you. Even if you are pure crack, and not in the random!cartoons (ftw) way you were in the beginning. I am still in it for the dynamic between the OTP. This show has made me realize something about myself, and that is that I can be quite shallow. Yes, the show is all over the place, the leads are in love for absolutely no reason that I can see, Eun-soo keeps getting trapped or poisoned or engaged, and Choi Young has either quit/been fired from his job as general or been imprisoned almost every episode. I. Don't. Care. I love it anyway. I love the longing that the two of them (because finally, Eun-soo is showing some! WOOT!) have for each other, and the fact that neither one of them is going to do well without the other, but Eun-soo is totally willing to pretend until she leaves, while Choi Young is far too honest and literal for that shit. I am eating it up with a spoon, even if it makes absolutely no sense. Yay OTP love! Also there was a kiss, and the fangirls squealed. Really, I am only interested in my three OTPs - Choi Young/Eun-soo, King/Queen, and King/Choi Young. But I will admit that the part in Ep 18 where Choi Young finds out that some of his men died and he gets upset, calling them his "children", got to me.

Arang and the Magistrate
Um. I haven't actually watched this past episode four? Five? The one where mum is a soul-eater. So I have not much to say, except I am hoping that when I pick it up again (soon. Probably today, even), I fall in love with it, because everything and everyone is so pretty. *sigh*

To the Beautiful You
Almost done. Two to go, I think. This is a cute one, but ultimately pointless. What I really want (and will never get, dammit) is for the second lead in these types of dramas (girl dresses up as guy, one or both fall for her not knowing, cue angst about orientation, wow, she's a girl, everything's happy. See Coffee Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, etc) to realize that he's maybe not as straight as he thought. I will never get that, however. The closest I got was Gu Yong Ha in SKKS, and even that was probably an accident on the parts of everyone (yes, even the actor. I mean, seriously). Oh well. That aside, what I've seen so far is cute, if not very memorable. I have to admit that I find myself more interested in Hyun-jae's story than anyone else's, and I'm sorry, but I could give two shits about Hanna. You know something? I wasn't aware that I would ever say something like this, but I really think that I am getting sick of the "cool, reserved guy meets girl and becomes a loving person/finds hope due to her innate sweetness" trope. Why can't the guy learn independently of his Love, Twue Love to become softer, and this new softness is what draws him to the other half of his OTP?

Nice Guy
No, still not watching. Well, not really. Spoiling myself a little bit, and did watch the end of episode 9 (which I will get to in a minute), and generally just wringing my hands hoping for a delicious angsty mess that somehow manages to turn out okay in the end, because I like my angst with a happy ending. Mostly I want some sort of redemption for Maru, an arc that keeps me from really hating him. I know I have said this before, but my refusal to watch or read recaps until I know what happens forces me to keep covering the same ground over and over, worrying at it in my mind like some kind of crazy person. But I will try to stop doing so out loud.

Moving on, it cracks me up that the lovely ladies at dramabeans thought the exact same thing I did w/r/t the amnesia plot. Granted, we were all wrong, as the drama seems to be playing it for maximum Maru angst and therefore has [spoiler, or watch me play with tags!] Eun-gi being all, "We were totally in love, weren't we?" and Maru doing his very best impression of petrified wood. I might have to watch that part again, but I honestly saw no real emotion in his face. It was a complete stone, aside from the fact that his eyes were suspiciously moist. And while I can't weigh in on whether or not he loves her, I think from that brief four-minute clip I couldn't help watching that he does care, at least a little. Otherwise he never would have stopped and gotten her attention (even though it was a bit passive-aggressive) when he heard her speak his name. He should have kept walking. I will go so far as to say that every instinct was screaming at him to keep walking, but he couldn't.

Also, he has enormous feet. And hands, actually. I noticed that watching SKKS. And okay, I can't rewatch the clip right now but I will later. And there will be Thoughts. But first, exhibit A:

One thing that kind of freaks me out that I didn't mean to be spoiled for is [more fun with spoiler tags]Eun-Gi apparently gets amnesia because she tries to commit suicide after finding out what a douche Maru is. Please let this be wrong. Pleasepleaseplease. I will give the show a pony for this to be wrong. That might very well make this show jump the shark for me, because I hate the very idea of it. She should be spitting mad, even while her heart is shattered. She should want to kill him for being such a manipulative dick who was willing to use someone else for a revenge game borne of a twisted obsession with another woman. Maybe it makes sense with Eun Gi's character. I don't know. What I do know is that the idea makes me so furious that I the viewer am already hoping that Maru the character suffers for what he's been pulling so far. I get wanting revenge but using and manipulating someone completely uninvolved with the situation is just nasty, because in the end that relatively innocent person is going to be the one most hurt. In short, fuck you, Maru. You and your awesome hair (not so much in that clip I saw though - I like it better all tousled. Yum) and great hands and pretty, pretty face have a lot of work ahead of you if you want my sympathies. I only hope that Song Joon-Ki, the director, and the script are capable of making me like such a despicable person, because right now, I'm worried they wont be able to pull it off. I don't want to hate the main character. Please don't make me.

ETA: Okay. Watched the end of episode nine about twenty times, and I still don't know what this face means:

Is he happy? Sad? What? Okay, yes, there are tears in his eyes, I will give him that, but to me it's a complete stone face. But on the couple of rewatches (such a hardship, analyzing pretty people) I have to say that I think my faith in Song Joong-ki has been restored. He does a very good job of portraying someone who is trying desperately to hide any and all emotion, and almost succeeding. It's very subtle - eyes widen slightly, he swallows hard, jaw clenching, and for one or two moments looks utterly miserable. Yay for not having a stone face! But it's not something that can really be capped, so...yay for imbeds?

Also, Moon Chae-won is absolutely gorgeous, isn't she? And because I always notice things like this, she has great teeth.
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