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Faith and Arang talk

So after marathoning one show yesterday and starting the other today, I must say that I am liking Faith more than Arang. Is this due to Lee Min-ho? Oh, it's possible. Boy is some kind of fine looking, is all I have to say. And the hair. The hair is so epic that I can't even. I'm totally digging the style change. AND in latter episodes we're getting more emotion from Choi Young, he has just given himself over completely to his feelings for Eun Soo...well as much as he can within the boundaries. I'm pretty sure what won me over (aside from how funny it can be at times) was when they were talking through the screen to the room she was staying in and he reaches up and gently traces the outline of her face...*swoon* I love that you can feel how very much he wants to hang on to her and keep her with him instead of watching her go back to "heaven", but won't allow himself to ask, or try, because he can't. He can't ask her to stay for him and he can't go for her, even though without her he knows he won't be okay. That utter longing is what is killing me, far more than all the political intrigue that I really couldn't care less about. Oh, and the secondary pairing is just too cute, too. I haven't the faintest idea of what happened between the two in real history but watching the king and queen bumble around trying to save each other and loving each other, all the while being afraid to express it because they fear that the other doesn't feel the same is pure love. And it continues to be pure love when they finally figure their shit out and begin to support each other. My one issue is that I don't see how this is going to end happily for our Main Couple. She's from the future, the portal won't open for another 67 years after the next month's opening, and he'll be long dead by then. But I can't help but hope tha there will be a resolution of some sort. I almost don't even care how convoluted it is. Dude has magic healing ki, for goodness' sake, anything should be possible. Also in the beginning didn't that fortune teller say that the man for Eun Soo's future would come from the past? I know future can mean "five minutes from now" or "years and years into", but c'mon! Don't make me cry, drama! I'm sure Nice Guy is going to take care of that for you! Please don't make the heart-break a double!

Arang just isn't hitting me in the heart the same way. It's really cute, and both Shin Mina and Lee Jun-ki are adorable, but I'm just not that invested. Granted, I am only four episodes in, so we'll see.

ETA: Episode five of Arang and HOLY SHIT MOM IS A SOUL EATER! Okay, now I am there. it's weird, because I am totally into Faith for the main couple. I want to know how they are going to resolve it, and if there will be makeouts (there better be makeouts. EPIC makeouts), and I'm pretty sure that Nice Guy for me will be all about (hopefully) Maru's journey from horrible jerk to actual human being (with the absolutely plausible possibility that he'll lose everything due former shitdickery right when the change really takes effect). But I'm not really feeling our MC in Arang. Possibly I will get there, but right now all I care about is that we get more of the creepy that Episode 5 gave us, because that? Is interesting.
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