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The Return ~ Bentley Little

Quick Summary
In a mix of mid-life crisis and the wake of his mother’s death, tech specialist Glen decides on the spur of the moment to quit his current life and settle in Arizona, the place where his mother and father owned a piece of land that was little more than worthless. Through a series of random coincidences, he finds himself gainfully employed by a local archaeologist on a dig, where some old American Indian artifacts have been unearthed. Glen readily accepts, thinking that even if he doesn’t really give up his old life, he could certainly stand to spend a summer uncovering dwellings of an ancient civilization. Yet what he doesn’t know is that what he is helping to uncover is something that should have remained buried, something that has its ties in local legend and will not rest until it has brought about the destruction of all who are near it,. Something horribly, unspeakably evil…

My Thoughts
I disliked this book immensely. Too many characters, not enough plot, and what little plot their was required me to suspend my disbelief a little too much. Also the more that the people in Bentley’s created town began to pick up ‘artifacts’ related to the dig, the more I kept thinking of Stephen King’s Desperation and the can-tahs that screwed up the minds of the people in that town. I wasn’t scared, I was bored, and irritated, and the final climax of the book was less am explosion of tension and more a yawn of exhaustion. I felt just like Mrs. Scarlet in Clue: “Nothing is explained!” And that, dear friends, is that.

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