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Flora's Fury ~ Ysabeau S. Wilce

Quick Summary
Flora is certain that her real mother, Tiny Doom, is alive. So certain that she risks life and limb to find her, with only her trusty dog Flynn to keep her company. Feeling betrayed by Buck, whim she’d always thought of as honest, if not always fair, and certain that the same women is little more than a Birdie pawn, Flora refuses to confide in her, deciding instead to set off on her own to find Tiny Doom and force her to stand and fight. Along the way there are the inevitable run-ins with danger in the form of Birdie priests, red boots, and paperwork, as well as the possibility of new romance. Through it all, Flora will find her determination and Will tested, as well as her ability to hold in her Grammatica.

My Thoughts
Good. Not as good as the first two, unfortunately, but good. A decent end to a great trilogy, though I will admit that I wanted a little more resolution on the Udo issue. Still, that was one of the most innovative ways to resolve a love triangle that I have ever seen. I did kind of get the feeling that the book was doing a roll-call towards the end, as every missing character aside from Nini Mo seemed to show up and say howdy. I did find the way that Flora finally caught up with Tiny Doom, and the subsequent revelations, to be very, very interesting, and I still love that Flora makes as many mistakes as correct decisions. I like that her impetuous nature is both her worst downfall and her biggest asset, and am very pleased that her sense of responsibility is finally what causes her rash nature to be halted in its tracks. I also enjoyed the hints that the people that we are supposed to be with – be it romantically or otherwise – never really leave us, even after we have left them. All in all a good series, and I am mightily satisfied.

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