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Oh, waterless cookware!

i have a headache right behind my left eye. no clue how i got said headache, but believe me, its there. oh well, its not really that bothersome, its only a lil  pain. so ill live.

took the car out again today, with friends holly and kyna. and this time i didnt stall for twenty minutes (or more)! yay! though im still having trouble with first. i think i may just get there eventually. woohoo.

im freezing. its like 90 degrees in here and im in a sweater and sweatpants, shivering. and ive got on the cute lil booties my grandma crotcheted. these things sure do keep your feet toasty.  i like when my feet are toasty.

other than that not much is going on. ive been craving chinese food for three weeks, and im no closer to getting it today than i was three weeks ago, but thats okay. i can live without chinese food.

i think thats about it for today. damn, im wildly uninteresting, huh?

considering i havent gotten any replies to this post just yet, ill just add what i want to say here. i was in the process of reading this (really, really good) h/s fanfic when the author throws something completely unexpected at me: furious, easily manipulated, attempted murderer!neville. and im like whoaa...that is so not cool. i have to admit that i have a sort of softspot for neville, and i just cant see him doing that sort of thing. tis so awful. he tried to murder harry, too. i bout died. so now i have to find a good neville story, so that i can feel better. that was just so awful, im telling you.

also, in the story, there was murderous lil asshole!draco, who was more than willing to lick voldemorts boots. and i realized that im so used to reading fanfic where draco is a good guy that i was completely apalled by him in this story. its actually rather sad, cuz the story told draco basically the way i see him turning out in cannon. hes a snarky lil git, and if he doesnt wind up following voldemort (which im almost certain he will), he sure as hell wont be helping harry. keeping fannon draco and cannon draco seperate is a must. grr.

well, thats about it for the update, i just needed to get it off my chest, so to speak.

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