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Nocturnal ~ Scott Sigler

Quick Summary
Bryan Clauser has begun having nightmares. Strange nightmares wherein he is both hunter and hunted, monster and terrified victim. He tries to shrug it off; as a police office, bad dreams are part of the price one pays to do their job day in and day out, and after all, dreams are no big deal, right? Yet when his nightmares become reality, Bryan worries that either he’s losing his mind and committing these murders unknowingly, or something is stalking the citizens of San Francisco – something that Bryan has a frightful connection to. Though he’d almost rather believe the former, the behavior of his bosses when he and his concerned partner try to investigate these murders leads Bryan to believe that there is far more going on with these crimes – and his dreams – than meets the eye. Soon enough, it becomes a race against time and an enemy that grows deadlier every day as Bryan tries to figure out the connection between himself, these stalkers in the night, and a seemingly ordinary thirteen year old boy.

My Thoughts
I’m beginning to think that Sigler has a fetish for evil kids. I’m not complaining, as it is one that I happen to share. Seriously, though, I have never felt my emotions go from ‘sympathy’ to ‘disgust’ quite so quickly, so brava on that, Mr. Sigler. That said, I had the same issue her that I had with Ancestor: namely, that it was slow to start, and didn’t start getting good until somewhere in the middle. Even the dream connection fell a little flat for me. I felt that most of the characters were only minimally fleshed out, and I thought that he tried a bit too hard to capture ‘cop humor’. I also wish that he could create a better female character, someone who is strong in her own right that isn’t all about the man she may or may not be sleeping with. That is all.

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