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The Seven Days of Peter Crumb ~ Jonny Glynn

Quick Summary
In seven days, Peter Crumb is going to die. So is the man with him, his twin, his other personality. They are going to die, but before they do, they are going to create as much mayhem as possible, letting the daily headlines of the newspaper be the guide to the shape their destruction will take. Helpless against a devastating and brutal act that resulted in the worst loss he has ever known, Peter and his personality disorder are going to get their catharsis the only way they can: by destroying something else.

My Thoughts
I didn’t really enjoy this book much at all. I found it a little confusing, to be honest, and there are some things I am still not clear on. I was definitely getting an American Psycho vibe from this book, and I do believe that that was what the author intended, though it is not really clear enough to tell. I will say that Peter’s slide from his calmer personality into the one that commits the atrocities is interesting and seamless, so that at some point it’s quite the task to figure out which one has taken the reins. First person narration is the only way to go to achieve this, and Glynn manages to pull it off. Other than that and the ending, I wasn’t particularly interested in any part of this book, and found myself wondering more than once if I was almost finished. I feel a little bit as though Glynn was trying to be edgy or shocking with his narration, and in some ways he succeeded…but mostly he fell short for me.

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