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Ancestor ~ Scott Sigler

Quick Summary

Paul Colding and his genius team of researchers are on the verge of a breakthrough. If they can manage it, dying while on the waiting list for organ donations will be a thing of the past. With Colding and his team’s genetically altered “donors”, organs will be bred, and ethics will not come into question because the rights to the bodies will belong to their creators. Sponsored by a very wealthy and obsessed set of brothers, Colding’s efforts have almost no limits.

Yet there are factors that weren’t considered. Human failings such as jealousy, greed, and hubris, for one. One genius whose periods of creativity are interspersed with depressive states so thick that she has to be monitored at all times to be kept from killing herself, another. Most importantly, that nature cannot be controlled, and that when one messes with biology one may find themselves with a monster of their own creation. A monster that is very, very hungry….

My Thoughts

Slow to start. Quite a bit of technical stuff at the beginning that I didn’t find particularly interesting, but was well aware had to be in there to set the premise for the story. The background stuff is interesting, like Jian’s madness and Dr. Rhumkorrf’s complete and utter disregard for everyone in his need to succeed, to become something of a god. Magnus Paglione was one creepy guy – I’m beginning to think that Sigler has a talent for singularly creepy, completely insane characters. The last one hundred pages were the best, and I found that once I reached them I couldn’t put the book down. Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed by the rest. Possibly it is because I was so pleasantly surprised with Infected and Contagious, which he published after, or maybe it’s because after the inevitable comparison to Chrichton’s Jurassic Park, the latter comes out far ahead in my opinion. I won’t be giving up on this author – I am waiting on Nocturnal at this very moment – but I would definitely not claim this particular novel of his as a favorite.


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