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Contagious ~ Scott Sigler

Quick Summary

Following up where Infected left off, we find that Perry Dawsey has survived his ordeal from the previous book – well, survived might be a bit of an overstatement. He is alive, but not well, and has become obsessed with “helping” those who are infected with the still – rampaging triangles. Although he has been charged with keeping the victims of the infection alive so that they can be given the same chance to live that he was, Dawsey has instead been killing them, much to the dismay of Dr. Margaret Montoya and fury of CIA Agent Dew Phillips, the man in charge of wrangling the angry Dawsey and making him play ball. But these problems pale in comparison to what the force behind the triangles has up its sleeve to counteract the driving force that is Perry Dawsey, and to deal with this new threat – as well as a new development wherein the infection becomes contagious – those fighting against the triangles and their purpose will have to learn to work together, and play as a time, or else face the extinction of the human race.

My Thoughts

Not bad. I was pleasantly surprised by Sigler’s Infected, finding myself rooting for Dawsey in spite of the fact that he was a complete jerk of a human even before the triangles got to him. I love that he is the only thing that this enemy truly fears, and that he has done his best to become a sort of boogeyman to them in the interim between books. I also liked that his issues weren’t all magically fixed just because he survived his ordeal – if anything, they made them worse. I also enjoyed the progression of his relationship with Phillips – how he became something of an older friend/father figure. However, it made me sad that the only way Phillips could get through to Dawsey was to beat him bloody, though I do like that after that first beating, any and all resemblance to Dawsey’s actual father faded rapidly. I knew that their burgeoning relationship was doomed from the start, so it was bittersweet to see Dawsey trying so hard to please someone, and see Phillips start to actually like the kid, despite their rocky beginning.

Not to give too much away, but Chelsea freaked me out a bit. So ruthless. Loved it.
The one part of the story that fell very flat to me was the relationship between Dr. Montoya and Clarence Otto, the CIA agent assigned to protect her. I don’t know why, but I just wasn’t feeling the two of them, though Dr. Montoya’s slow fall from idealism to reality was well-done.

All in all, the book was entertaining. I probably wont pick it up again, but I enjoyed it immensely while reading.

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