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The Child Who - Simon Lelic

Quick Summary
When an eleven year old boy commits the heinous murder of a twelve-year old girl, who is to blame? This is the question that lawyer Leo Curtice finds himself trying to answer when he is called to defend the young boy in question. Yet the answer he seeks might come at the cost of everything he holds dear.

My Thoughts
I know the summary was short, but that was mostly because I truly cannot describe the book without giving some things away, and I feel that this is a book better experienced without knowing what happens. I enjoyed it; a rarity for me when it comes to this type of novel. I am generally not the type of person to pick up what looks like a courtroom novel - I tend to find them a bit dry and a lot boring – but I am glad I picked this one up. At first glance it seems to be the typical courtroom fare – how will the lawyer figure out a way to best help his client, hopefully without compromising his own principles – but it turned out to be far more about how this type of tragedy – when one child turns on another and commits a senseless act of violence – effects everyone even remotely connected with it, from the families of the kids involved to the ones like Leo Curtice - people who have no connection to the events save the law. It dragged in one or two places, but really picked up towards the end, and had a twist that I didn’t suspect until it was nearly upon me. For me, this is rare, so I was pleased. My one quibble aside from that is that this is not a book that will stick with me. It was a good read, but didn’t make a lasting impression. Despite that, I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in the way that a crime like the one in the book effects the people left behind, rather than the defense mustered for the one who committed the act.

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