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Also, apparently MH in "Full House" has started the second lead angst marathon. Le sigh. Though YJ doing his level best to convince MH that JE is pregnant so he'll leave her alone is hilarious. He really is such a brat,

Aw, I know you're upset that she doesn't love you, but do you have to be cold to her for no reason, MH? C'mon, didn't you read the second-lead handbook? You wont even earn her friendship that way. That way is for the lead, my love.

Hm. I can actually get behind what HW is saying here. I wonder if she is truly giving up or she is just deceiving him/herself? I don't yet believe that she has moved on to YJ - I rather think that she doesn't like his attention fixed on someone else, not that she herself feels anything for him. But it would be nice if she decided to let MH go, because that fruitless pining thing she was doing is just painful, and no one really deserves it. It would also be kind of fun if letting go is what makes MH look to her and start to see her as someone he could be interested in, rather than a sister-figure.

Though I have to admit I am still not sold on the coupling of JE and YJ either. Jealousy is cute, but what they need is some real affection, and I have yet to believe that they feel it yet. Maybe her, but definitely not the man-child. And we're already in Epi 9. Things need to move forward pretty soon, or I wont believe the ultimate payoff in the end, especially not when he keeps running off to play puppy to HW, and ditching poor JE in the process. He really does not deserve whatever feeling she is currently giving him. MH, go to the restaurant and save her from the selfish little shit. I really have no patience for this part of the narrative.


Aw, I'm kinda liking JE and MH. And I want his umbrella. I'm also kinda glad that YJ didn't find her so that they could have some sort of magical reconciliation in the rain. That shit only works for BSJ, puppy. You have to earn your forgiveness. At least you better have to.

MH IS SO CUUUUUTE. And oooooh, he's throwing his hat in the ring all official-like! See, the problem that I have here is the same one I had with the love square in "Goong": these people are married. Sure, it isn't a real marriage, but no one knows that. In "Goong", it was still a little irritating but slightly more acceptable, as everyone and their mother was aware that the marriage was loveless at first. Here, that is not the case, and yet HW and MH are still pursuing YJ and JE, respectively. It's pretty much the only reason I can't fully get behind what MH is up to. Why oh why*does no one in these dramas want to just live in sin? Heh.

MH really is adorable with the pursuing right now. I am sure he will epically fail at some point in future, but right now? Too. Adorable.
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