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Big! And what else I'm watching at the mo'

Today is "Big" day! Today is "Big" day! I hate being obsessed with a drama that is currently airing. It seems as though there is never enough spoilers/info/episodes/recaps to satisfy, and I don't like not knowing where things are going or whether my rabid shipper's heart will get it's wish (KJ/DR FTW!). Guess I'll just have to grin and bear it, huh?

Also, scrapped "Sweet 18". Wasn't my cuppa. Instead I started watching "Full House", and I have to admit I am kind of loving it. But before I get into what I'm thinking so far, let's go over the main players, shall we?

This cutie is Young Jae. He's a movie star, and he has the emotional maturity of a five year old. He's spent years pining for family friend Hye Won, and is jealous of friend Min Hyuk because that is who she prefers.

Our female lead, Ji Eun, is the quintessential kdrama female. Naive and innocent enough to be a crime, it is because her 'friends' have swindled her out of her house that she really becomes entangled with YJ. Even though she has been hired by him to cook, clean, and act as wife, she hardly puts up with his shit...though she always returns after every fight, and might be the one to recognize that she's interested first. Plucky and optimistic, her ambition is to be a writer, but her stories so far haven't been the best.

Hye Won, our second female. As of episode six, she is just starting to slide into the deliberate manipulation of YJ, where before she was leaning on him emotionally because he was always there, and actively encouraged said leaning. Is aware of his feelings for her but prefers Min Hyuk, only calling on YJ when MH rejects her or makes it clear that he doesn't look to her the way that she does him. Is a fashion designer and other than that I've got nothing.

Which makes this our second male lead, the one and only Min Hyuk. He is a bit of a playboy and only looks at Hye Won as a sister. Has one of the cutest meet cutes I have ever seen with Ji Eun, and is interested in her because she amuses him and is adorable. Is regularly in contact with her because he is the president of a publishing business, and has contracted her to write serials. Of course, in the end will lose out to the man-child, but is right now a refreshing rival in that he hasn't done anything underhanded (yet) to win JE over. He just enjoys the hell out her when she's around.

Young Jea is such a child that I have to laugh. I'm not particularly liking Hye Won, but she hasn't pinged my evil second female-dar too hard just yet...probably because although she does cling to YJ a bit too much when she feels down, he totally encourages it, and it's not as though she is actively trying to sabotage Ji Eun and her relationship with YJ. Moreover, as far as I've gotten, I'm still not feeling too much interest either way. I mean, sure, there have been flashes of awareness from YJ, and JE's big issue with the recorder was that it was a gift from YJ, so it meant more, but for the most part they're still at the bickering frenemies stage of things. Which is why they are going to have to step it up to make me believe that either of these people is interested in each other. Right now I am totally thinking that Min Hyuk and JE would look really cute together...and their meet cute was adorable. I know that he's something of a player, but the whole point of dramas like this is that his eventual serious interest in JE will get him past that. And they are cute, and he hasn't done anything underhanded either, so I'm all for the couplings to go the HW/YJ, JE/MH direction. Yippee!

Okay, after finishing episode five, I think I spoke too soon. HW is showing definite signs of manipulation. "Oh, did JE not tell you I called?" Heh, she wishes. Also, I think that JE is going to be like all kdrama heroines and suffer the predilection for being too nice. *sigh* Ah, well. Oh, the porridge hand-off is not going to go well, I can already tell. Yep, she's telling JE to leave it. Five bucks says that she later on tells YJ that EJ never brought it by. Oh, my bitchy second female-dar is so going off right now. And HOW. "You're the person who has come between [YJ's and my] relationship. I'm just letting you know so that you don't misunderstand." Wowsa. Guess HW decided to dial it from nice to super-bitch in the span of five minutes. Or maybe she was talking about the way that YJ's family views the situation? 'Cause if that's the case she wouldn't be wrong. Blunt and rather rude to point it out, but not wrong at all. Hm...perhaps I should pay more attention...
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