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You know, in dramaland it's romantic that once he finally gives into his feelings, the hero cannot be without his heroine. In real life, I think it would be too much after a while though. Then again, I have never been the type to want my SO to be around all the time. I like my space far too much for that.

I am currently at episode 23 of Goong, and thankfully all of my predictions regarding HR were just me being silly, so I can continue to love this drama to bits. The arson thing is odd, and Crazy Mama is seriously messed up, but hey! Feelings were confessed (on Shin's side, at a public meeting no less, with cameras and everything. Niiice, SA Boy!), kisses happened, and Princesses were told that they must be sent away for the good of the monarchy. I feel for Shin, but by now I can't believe that only Queenie has any idea that Crazy Mama is working her best "evil mastermind" on the family, trying to get her son in the Crown Prince's seat.

HA! Didn't I tell you, Shin, that if you just told CK how you felt she would love you forever? Honestly. Try talking. I would like to see a drama where the two leads actually discuss things and clear up epic misunderstandings instead of merrily bopping along believing whatever they wish, with absolutely no help from the other party.

I also think it's very sweet that CK has no problem with leaving for the good of the monarchy, but only wants to see Shin through his current difficulty before she has to go. Also sweet is Shin's utter devastation at her leaving, and their one day together being as normal as possible. Not so sweet is the fact that the parents would rather turn CK into a scapegoat in order to deflect attention from the Crown Prince for a time instead of protecting her, but we've already established that the adults have their priorities all screwed up.

You know, I really lost a lot of my love for Yool when he flipped the "all angst, all the time" switch on his personality. All these constipated faces he keeps making are driving me up the wall. And do you see now what I meant about second leads, my dear? You never even had the ghost of a chance.

I really, really don't like Crazy Mama. Her and her eagle metaphor can shove it. I can't wait until she gets hers.

Okay, seriously, even though he's interrupting with arsonist news, Officer Kong needs to stop killing my moments! Stop harshing my squee, Officer Kong!

OH, THAT HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE WOMAN! She better get hers. In spades. Because if not, the screaming that will be heard round the world will come from me. How can all of these people be this dumb? I know that Mr. King is being confused by his Little King, but the rest of the family? Not a one of them suspects Crazy Mama? Well, okay, I guess Queenie does, but why isn't she being more proactive? Ugh, I hate the part where everything goes right for the villains. I want come-uppance!

You know what I do love, though? The part where the hero/heroine gets lost in memories. It's just like a shipper vid! Yay!

Holy shit, is the King having a moment of self-awareness? YAY! I do like it that none of his family actually believes that he's done anything...and Officer K's unswerving loyalty to him will never not make me happy.

Okay, I think I have a crush on a fictional character. Prince Shin, I love you. *watches with hearts in eyes*

AW, is that brotherly bonding I see happening between Shin and Yool? Heh, I think I'm liking him again. And did Shin just give Yool the love letters the King wrote to his mother? Omo. Shit is going to hit the fan. Ooooh I hope that he takes Mumsy down hard.

Wait, is Queenie finding her emotions? What show is this? Right, lady, you best let your own son call you "mom" if you're encouraging CK to do so. Also, it's nice to see that her newfound sweetness is still tempered by a bit of her old manipulation tactics: "I don't want to send you away but I know you're kind enough to understand."

Well that sucks. Just accidentally deleted like half of the post. Not redoing. Oh well.

Oh, Yool. I already decided to officially like you again when you made up with Shin via fencing, but if I hadn't before, I would at this point. Taking the blame for all that your evil mother has done? You beautiful, noble idiot. And that God you finally gave up fully on CK. I do have to wonder if your mum's devastation is because she has taken this far enough for her son to ruin his life over it, or because now she's not going to get what she wants. Possibly I'll get closure-or possibly the stupid cow will try to off herself, like that's gonna solve anyone's problems. Seriously. No sympathy from me, sorry. To my mind that is taking the cowards way out. She should have to live with herself and what she has done. Also, this is totally a selfish act, because I don't think that she cares very much what happens to her poor son without her. All she can think is that she isn't going to get what she wants. Oh, okay, I will give her that she might regret it after. I will let her have her "can I be redeemed/forgiven" line...but I still don't like her even a little bit. Okay, really cool last scene with them, with the shining and disappearing into the light. Nice rebirth/redemption imagery. Very cool. Speaking of which, I don't know if I mentioned it, but in 23, when Shin asks CK to stay by his side, and not to leave him, I loved that she's looking at him, and then as she starts to look away, he looks back at her. That was a nice piece of directing. Lovely.

Aw, family. Heh, I think this is where Shin rejects the monarchy.

Omo, is Shin there? Shin is totally there isn't he? I love that Lady Choi went with her (and that they're besties). Yay, makeover!

Aw, she took the Shin pillow and the bear. But what did she leave him? Is he there? IS HE? YAY HE SO IS!

So Princess is now that Queen. Heh is Shin in shorts with a dress shirt and a tuxedo jacket? Boy obviously needs someone to dress him. Aw, puppy, just ask to go with her when she travels the world. She'll say yes. And hee "I'm husband, not your boyfriend!" Love how indignant he is about it.

I knew that she would eventually be calling Queen Grandma by "grandma". And tired my ass. I love it. She's letting the two crazy kids be together. Why so awkward, kiddos? KISS! KISS! Oh c'mon, Shin, don't be an idiot. Heh. I love that this drama often says the things that I think. SHIN, WHY ARE YOU MAKING HER PINE OVER A PICTURE OF YOU WHEN YOU'RE ACTUALLY THERE? Would you get your head out of your ass already! I WANT FLUFF, DAMMIT! That's right, Grandma, school your grandson on how to stop being so effing ridiculous.

AW. Okay, the whole remarriage thing is adorable. Shin, you are no longer on my list of prize idiots. AND WHY DO YOU NEED TIME TO THINK, CK? What is wrong with you people? Actually, I think it would be kind of cool if she was like "let's not get married, but live in sin". Heh. They are pretty young. And Shin, you should have opened the box. I am pretty sure that she took the rings out. But no, then we wouldn't have the happy moment when you discover them after being all disappointed. Mm, shoulder/neck kisses are hot. Aw, look how happy they are.

WHAT? How on earth would she be pregnant? Did they actually sleep together? Wha?

Final Thoughts
I really, really liked Goong. It was charming, and to be honest, had almost every single trope that I love in my dramas: arranged marriage, a hero who starts aloof but has a heart of gold, and a sweet, charming heroine who finds her way into the hearts of all through her bubbly personality. The only thing this drama didn't have that I find I love (though only in fiction, thanks) is the student/teacher noona/dongsaeng romance. Yes, towards the end Yool's angsting got to be a bit much, and I will never like either the King or Crazy Mama, but overall most of the characters did eventually win me over, even HR. And I have to admit that as Chief Crazy Villain, Mama did her part very well. I didn't appreciate the over abundance of wrist/arm grabbing going on, but I have come to accept that it is standard fair in dramas whether I like it or not. I find that I tend to prefer the fluff over heavy angst, and this drama delivered. Also, I am choosing to believe that Grandma is just jumping the gun with the pregnancy thing, and the panicked looks that Shin and CK shot each other were ones of "oh yeah, they don't actually know that the deed wasn't done on our big 'marriage consummation night'. Oopsie" instead of "BABY!?"

So, it was cute, and not only did I watch it all the way through (a feat for me, as of the 20 or so that I've seen since I got hooked, I have only watched four in their entirety), I will probably watch it again, and make my mom watch it when the discs come in via Netflix. Cute, cute, cute.

P.S. I now totally get all the bear discussions/comparisons/complaints w/r/t Playful Kiss. Still think both are adorable.

Not sure what I want to watch next. Waffling between Snow White, Sweet 18, and 1% of Anything. Will have to read the synopsis of each again to make a decision.
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