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Goong 18-19

He totally knows she's there, doesn't he?

Huh. Guess not. She totally peeked, too. Thatta girl. And why is he so worried about it? Heh, you'd think that they weren't married, for goodness' sake.

If they do a HR is secretly dying plot I will write this drama off forever. FOREVER.

Why on earth is this weirdo recording her sleeping? Shin, I worry about your peeping Tom tendencies, And your exhibitionist ones, too, come to think of it. I also-oh, wait, are you making this for yourself? You little oddball you. How about you just tell her you like her instead of making these odd stalkery home videos where you are all sweet? It might go over better in the long run. Is she going to watch the video now? She has to, right? Oh no, and then she is going to go looking for you and see you with HR, mistake your talk for a love confession, and run into the arms of Yool, where you will find her and freak out-oh my goodness she's going to show that entire thing in front of her friends? And HR? OMO OMO OMO. Bad things are about to happen. I can't watch. I can't. FF, ff-shit, too late. I'm facepalming, Shin is facepalming, the world weeps. And Shin, drop the "It's not what you think" business. It's exactly what they think, so why don't you just man up, already? Seriously.

I kind of love CK's parents. Love, love, love.

More jealous Shin! MORE JEALOUS SHIN!

And it looks like HR is back in the game...with kind of hilarious results in the CK is so childish it's ridiculous. Heh. Okay, HR, you can stay for the moment. But I'm keeping my eye on you. Same for you, trouble-maker Yool pup.

Aaaand there's the HR/Shin scene that makes CK think the two of them are gonna start again. In the words of KJ from Big: Uh-oh. And of course she walks away before Shin tells HR her little fantasy of the two of them together in Paris isn't going to happen. Also, shut up, Yool. Your puppy status is hereby revoked, you little shit.

Ok, the King that loves his sister-in-law a little too much squicks the hell out of me, so we might will be ffing this.

Mom! Dad! Stop having a domestic in front of the kiddies. You're scaring them. And what is it with drama's and bandaging of hands?? "It's painful for me to see you in pain" except for when I'm telling you the guy you love will never love you back, that is. You are still not a puppy, Yool. I am so on to you. YOU DO NOT KISS THE MARRIED PRINCESS, NOT EVEN ON THE FOREHEAD, YOU ASS!

Hi, Shin. Is this the forced kiss time? Because it sure looks like it. Can I just take this moment to say forced kissing is not cool? Okay then. You totally deserved that slap, love. I say again: forced kissing. Not Cool.

Oh, those naughty little bears are naughty.

From now on, Shin is "puppy". Yool is on my shit list.

Apologize, puppy. And then try something new and different and tell the girl that you like her. No, no, don't blame her for your idiocy. Apologize, and tell her you like her, and that seeing her getting along so well with Yool makes you see red. Tell her you like-or walk out of the room. Yeah, that option always does the trick. *facepalms*

YOOL. Stop being a twit. Oh my God, you two, stop passive-agressively attacking each other in front of your grandma. Heh wait did she just call you on it? I think she kind of did. I'm telling you, grandma knows what's up. And CK flat out telling him to back off FTW! Finally! Ooh, and apparently her new backbone extends to the husband too. Niiiice. He is such a kid. Seriously. "Why do I have to be nice to Yool? I don't wanna! And whyyy are you mad at meee? When will you stop? *poutpoutpout*"

I think it's time to get rid of the HR Box o' Love, Shinny me lad.

Ok, CK, I know he makes it easy, but you need to stop going to Yool with your problems. This is why he thinks he has a chance with you. Well, that and Shin's convenient running around looking like he's pining for HR. Who apparently just got awesome and decided to bow out gracefully. Huh.

Unlike Yool, who it seems really wants to kill all of my former goodwill.

Oh, Shin, you are so adorable looking for CK. Now if you could just find the courage to open your mouth and tell her you like her, you'd be set. And ouch. Poor puppy. Yeah, your dad was totes sleeping with your aunt. That's gotta hurt.

I'll admit, Yool has balls. It takes real guts to call out Queenie the way that he did. But her threat was horribly unsubtle. I'm a little disappointed in her.

Oh, Shin. Please, please don't angst alone. Confide in your wife. She'd love it, and it would go a long way towards getting her to forgive you.

Her friends are so sweet. It's really sad how living in his world is slowly killing her spirit. Equally sad is how it's always stifled his. Seriously, growing up not knowing how to console someone? Means that no one ever consoled him when he was hurting. Poor puppy.

I'll say it again, she really needs to stop running to Yool when things go wrong. It's going to get her in trouble. And now we're at the "You'll get hurt, go back where you came from, let me touch your face" redux. Damn it all to hell.

...and then the car gets stolen. Bwahahaha.
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