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Watching Goong Epi 16

By now I am slightly more on the good ship Shin/CK, even though I still kind of love Yool and can't be persuaded that's wrong. Only I am wondering how the angst will be introduced into the epic levels of cute that are currently happening on my PC. I know that there's got to be some kind of misunderstanding that happens, because there is no way that with the way things are going that CK could be in any doubt of the fact that Shin is kind of smitten.

"Until I am ready to get rid of you, I don't think it's a bad idea to stay together" How romantic of you, Shin. Seriously, I am praying this is just a case of a) bad translation or b) different cultural meanings, because if someone said something like that to me, they wouldn't have to worry about me overstaying my welcome. Sheesh.

You know, I kind of love how up front the girls tend to be in these dramas, even when it makes me flinch. It takes a lot of courage to admit to liking someone, especially when there is no guarantee that those feelings will be returned. Yool with dark hair is so weird (don't know if that is how it's spelled, but that is how my version subtitles it so that is how I'm rolling as well). And I still don't care even a little bit about Hyo Rin's angst. Her beginning with Shin was cute, but I still just don't like her. And the scene where she's all "Hey, remember when I damaged your reputation and marriage in Thailand? Those were good times". And I also think that she doesn't really have the right to question whether or not he likes CK, and I don't like it that he tells her he likes CK before the girl in question finds out. OH MY GOD DID SHE REALLY JUST TRY TO COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE A BOY DOESN'T LIKE HER? Really? REALLY? Seriously, either she really tried to kill herself or just wanted his attention, and either way, that is sad and pathetic. No matter who it is. Also, CK is the sweetest thing ever. I don't know if I would be able to insist that the person I loved go see the person that he may or may not love (because unlike when HR asked, he refused to give CK a straight answer) after she attempted suicide. Especially as seeing her all pale and vulnerable might send him flying into her arms again.

Uh-oh. Yool is on the verge of boarding the not-liking-this-one-anymore train. "You should give Shin back to Hyo Rin...he liked her first, and will return to her...maybe it's time we all returned to where we belong" Oh, Yool puppy, don't make me have to dislike you.

And have I mentioned how much I hate it that every single adult in this mess cares more about who will succeed the throne than anything that their kids are going through. Seriously, it makes me feel sick that none of these people see their kids as anything more than pawns. And I know that crappy parents are a staple of Kdramas, but sheesh, again.

Huh. Is HR comparing herself to Rosaline from Romeo and Juliet? And is she really using that comparison to berate him? I don't know. I've said before (in a post that I will make later, go fig) that I wanted to feel for HR, because her position kind of sucks, but damn, does the girl make it hard. And the worst part is that now, even if there is a genuine reason to feel for her, I don't want to, because of her insistence on being such a witch earlier. I hold a grudge. And is Yool really blaming the whole mess on his not meeting CK sooner? Oh, puppy, look. Let me give you a little lesson in the Kdrama. You are not the leading man, which means that even if you had been the Crown Prince, and been the once to be married to CK, she still would have found herself in love with Shin. Them's the Kdrama breaks, and you just have to accept it, and hopefully not be to much of an ass on that road to acceptance, so I can still like you. HR failed, and your whining and passive-aggressive wedge-driving is pushing you closer and closer to that edge, to be honest. And oh, I hate your mother. My god, woman, will you please stop egging the crazy ex on? And ew, could you not be happy that the attempted suicide will help you in your ultimate goal to get Shin kicked out as Crown Prince? Also, why is it that the evil ones have the best voices? I love her voice, I loved Eun Song's in Hello My Teacher too, and I really, really hated her.

I really think that CK is sweet, but I wish that Shin would stop punishing her for his own feelings. Seriously, why is it another staple of the Kdrama that the hero must be so hot/cold and take their emotions out on the female lead? For example, shin just got yelled at by daddy for "shaming" the family because his ex tried to commit suicide. Five bucks says that he blows CK off and later yells at her for something completely baseless, probably making her cry? What is with this need to Brood Alone? Also, if he goes off and finds soju, I will ruin the mood by laughing and laughing. Oh, great, he's gonna go play with psycho some more, isn't he? Because that is how you calm a shitstorm down, by going straight to the source.

Listen to the girl, Yool. You were likable; don't make me hate you. There is no forcing love where it doesn't exist, whether because it has faded or it was never there in the first place. This is where both you and HR are screwing up. But wait, nevermind. Shin showed up for HR. So maybe it does work, ignore me. Hey, at least I know the wrench that was thrown into the happy fun times at the beginning of the episode...

So here we are reliving Shin and HR's meet cute. Again. Wait, she's giving up? Really, truly giving up? WOOOOT! Finally! Sorry honey, but this is kind of what you should have done from the first. Or at least not been so underhanded about it. Okay, the apology helps. Except it doesn't help Shin, apparently. Huh. I don't know, guy, it was kind of a good thing that she admitted she went a little bonkers, I think. What's with the sudden 'tude?

Heh, okay, Shin at a club is too amusing, even if he's there as the angst king. Robot boy doesn't go to clubs. I honestly don't even know why he is angsting about his dad questioning his kingly abilities, as he doesn't even want to be one anyway. I guess it's probably because he feels he's lost his dad's respect, but really, kiddo, dad didn't much care for you from the get-go, did he. Okay, angsting in a car now? Bored. Imma go get me a drink.

Yes, Yool, your mother is a cow. Sorry puppy.

Oh, no. We're going to do that drama thing, aren't we? The one where we go around and around and repeat the same cycle endlessly for so-called "conflict", only to finally resolve it in the last act THE SAME WAY IT'S BEEN RESOLVED FIFTEEN TIMES BEFORE?????? Motherfuck.

Is Queenie really trying to bribe HR by becoming her 'patron'? RUN, HR, RUN!

Most awkward tea ever. Now all we need is for Shin and Yool to show up and it'll really get fun. And, okay, HR, this is what you should have done from the first. Said simply that you were still in love, and that you would wait. That I can actually get behind under the circumstances, and even CK can't disagree with it. It was all the shenanigans of following him to Thailand and kissing him, belittling CK and encouraging others to do the same, etc, that I had a problem with. Your ship has sailed, never again will it come to port, but eventually you will realize that and move on.

You know, I keep thinking that Gma Queen knows more than they think. It's just a vibe I get, not spoilers (as I only watched ep 23 for the Love and not for anything else, and while I know that Shin eventually says no to the crown I don't know the particulars. The King is a moron, but then he would have to be, to sleep with Princess Witchface.

"I'm just worried that you might get hurt" Sure you are, honey. I say again, run, HR. You've finally earned some sympathy from me. Run away. Are you happy that you helped a silly girl destroy her spirit? ARE YOU? Aw, HR, you're totally taking all the blame? Okay, you've earned total sympathy. I'm easy like that.

Heh. CK learning how to drive is hilarious, if a bit silly. Shin praying for someone to save him cracked me up.

Heh, I kind of loved how when Yool mentioned his bday party and inviting the Crown Prince and Princess, CK looked at Shin all "Yay! Can we go? Can we? Please, please, please??" Jealous Shin is amusing, too.

I kind of have to respect how utterly uncaring and ruthless Crazy Mama is. It's scary, but kind of awesome.

Oh, c'mon Yool. Inviting HR to your big party that is far in the country and is going to last for days? You little twerp, I know what you are up to. Aw, is that you following them @25 mph to make sure they're safe? Stop being cute when I know you're up to no good, dammit.

More jealous!Shin! More jealous!Shin!

"You guys are married so you should share a room". Heh. I knew the long-haired friend was my favorite.

Oh no. Here comes the making fun of Shin, followed by his morphing into his asshole persona. Le sigh.

Oh, puppy. You totally drew her, didn't you? Thought so.

I want that closet. Want, want, want. No, don't hide in there, CK, you might not like what you hear! Or possibly you'll see something interesting...heh heh (is obviously too dirty-minded for Kdramas). *watches scene, blinks* Then again, maybe not.

Next epi babble in new post, for fear of exceeding word count.
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