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So I have been led by old fandom secrets to watch Death Note, and I have to say this:

1. Great anime; bet the manga is ridiculous (in that awesome way).
2. L, Near, and Mello should have their own spinoff where they take over the world. I would watch it (it's a show about a freaking death notebook, mmkay, I doubt a little bit of resurrection is too much to ask).
3. All those people who think that they want to emulate Light? I just hope that they aren't going to be whiny little bitches while they are at it, because that guy? Really needs to grow the fuck up. I do kind of love how obsessed with L he is, though. Heh.

And because I cannot help myself, I am as of now a Light/L and Mello/Near shipper. Sorry, Mello/Matt fans, but I just didn't see enough interaction between them to really fall for it. Whereas though the interaction between Mello and Near was also small, it was highly charged and quite a lot of fun to watch. And I have to admit there's something I love about Near making sure to both take Mello's picture and deal with everyone who knows his face. Even if it is just because the existence of Mello makes capturing Kira that much more interesting. :)

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