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Old VM Meme

This is a meme ganked from long, long ago, but I don't care. This show has taken over my life, and I need to get it out of my system, even if it is only to this journal. It's also my first picspam!

So. Meme.

Respond to the following questions (with reasons if you're so inclined), but all of the responses should be about Season One and only Season One. This is separated into two categories: Veronica Mars (the show) and Logan/Veronica.

Favorite Episode
This could be tough. There are so many great episodes in this season, but I think that my personal favorite has to be the tried and true A Trip to the Dentist. It's got everything.

Veronica hell bent on revenge!

Caring Logan!


I repeat: Emoting. Duncan!

Wallace being the best BFF ever!

Logan defending Veronica to his asshole friends!

Batshit Insane and taking it out on his car Duncan!

Flashbacks and stories and finally, the mystery of how Veronica lost her virginity solved (and in a way that didn't seem contrived).

Kissing and happy Veronica and Logan (which isn't to happen again from about two minutes from the end 'til the end of season 2 *sigh*).

Smitten!Logan (who is my favorite of all the Logans, because he's just so damn cute)!

The return of Lianne!

And best of all, the beginning of the end and the awesome that is Leave it to Beaver.

Runner up: An Echolls Family Christmas. No pics for runner's up, but this has got everything I love in an episode: an interesting MotW, flashbacks (I am a sucker for flashbacks), great interaction, Keith being awesome, Aaron (who, despite his skeeviness, the finale, and the fact that he beats his son, I am never unhappy to see, sadly), oh yeah, and it was the first that made me double take, blink blankly at my screen, and actually ask out loud, "wait, Logan and Veronica start a thing, don't they?" Because while I kinda remembered this big brouhaha back in the day about Veronica/Logan vs. Veronica/Duncan, but as I never bothered with watching the show, I didn't really care, and anyway, Logan was such an asshole that I completely forgot about it. Oh, and the matching reindeer boxers. Because that? Was hilarious. And I lied. That moment totally deserves a cap.

Least Favorite Episode
Drinking the Kool-Aid. There's nothing really horrible about it, it's just kind of boring. But I have a soft spot for Casey, because of Mean Girls. And because I find him pretty.

Also, I effing hate this vest. The fur looks like it is trying to swallow her head.

Favorite Line
Veronica to Weevil, Pilot: "If it's as big as you say, I'll be your girlfriend. We could go to prom together!"

I will never know why, but that line set me to laughing a ridiculous amount, and made me realize that whatever else, I would be enjoying the snark.

Runner Up: Logan to Veronica: "Annoy, tiny blonde one. Annoy like the wind."

Yes, predictable, but classic, okay? It's really the gestures that sell it, what with the following her out the door and the blowing between his fingers, then the way he watches her walk away. Yep. There's a reason it's a fan favorite, okay?

Favorite Scene
After the bum fight goes public, with Logan and Aaron. The tension is amazing, and the way Logan tenses up and begins to stammer when Aaron puts his arm around him. It's the way he keeps rubbing at his head nervously. It's the perfect setup to the awful to come, without being too anvilicious. One could actually pass it off as a boy who knows he's in trouble for doing something stupid, without realizing that in the lovely Echolls household, "in trouble" is a pleasant way to say "getting the shit beat out of you with one of Daddy's belts".

Runner Up: Logan and Veronica. The pool house in An Echolls Family Christmas. Snark! Oh, the snark! I love it. And Logan makes this face:

before he delivers the "annoy like the wind" line. That face makes me happy. It is seriously the best face ever.

Favorite Character

*ahem* Yes, it's a tie. Between Veronica and Logan. I refuse to pick. Suck it up.

Least Favorite Character:
I guess we're going to have to go with Duncan, purely for the fact that out of all of them, he's the one that I have the most ambivalence for. I am realizing upon rewatching the season that I definitely liked him more during S1, but he's still the one who is the least consistently amusing among the lot. Sorry, Donut. But the lack of emotion lost it for you in the end.

Favorite Non-Logan/Veronica Character
KEITH! Hi, Keith. You're probably the best father in the world, and you are smarter than me! Aaaand smarter than Troy!

Favorite recurring High-schooler
Weevil. I love that after she gets some of his posse off of the hook, and banters with him fearlessly (not to mention tasers Felix and sics her pup on Random!PHCer #2), he takes it upon himself to make sure that he has Veronica's back. He likes her, and that means that he will help her, even if he puts up a fuss. I also love the interactions between him and Logan. More Logan/Weevil friendship! More! MORE!

Runner Up: Mac. Because she too is of the awesome, and she used the 09ers superiority complex against them. PURITY TEST FOR THE WIN!!

Favorite Recurring Adult
Cliff. Hands down.

Best Parent
Okay, c'mon. Is there any real choice in this? It's Keith. It's always Keith.

Worst Parent
Again, seriously. I can't believe anyone would say anything other than Aaron. You know, the guy who not only beats his kid, but sleeps with his girlfriend and tapes it, then, oh, yeah, MURDERS HER. Then, for funsies, tries his level best to murder the next girl his kid dates, too. Yeah, he takes the cake. Congrats, dad. Another award for your mantle. Woot.

Okay. I am exhausted, plus this thing is going to be huge. The Veronica/Logan part will be in a separate post tomorrow.

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