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how youve turned my world you precious thing...

i am so totally going to watch labyrinth now. its rather funny, cuz i woke up round eight this morning after getting to sleep at about four last night, and i felt like the walking dead until about two minutes ago, when i suddenly felt like jumping out of my skin. so of course i started bouncing, and now im gonna put in labyrinth and watch david bowies sexy ass. oh, and im going to sing and dance along with the songs. whee, im hyper, and i havent even had any coffee! on a side note, is it completely pathetic that i am really proud of myself at the moment. it will be the third night in a row that i have successfully prepared dinner for everyone, and it makes me feel like less of a bother, which i know that i am on a regular basis. so even if it is pathetic, im rather glad im doing this.
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