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Leave me alone, Veronica Mars

Seriously, what. The. Fuck.


One relationship.

Three points of view.

Not mine, don't sue.

She asks what they are doing , voice breathless and on the edge of hysteria, and he laughs as he answers that he has no idea, before bringing their mouths back together. But that’s only half of the truth. He is well aware what he is doing, if the giddy feeling that swells within him and causes him to laugh into their kiss is anything to go by. He’s falling hard and fast, going from utter hatred to helpless adoration so quickly it makes his head spin. It scares him, but it’s also exciting, and he doesn’t know that he ever wants it to stop. Still, he lies, and pretends he has not the first clue where things are moving, because while he knows very well what he is doing with Veronica Mars, he truly has no idea what she is doing with him.

She doesn’t want him to fall for her. She wants kissing and stroking and that tight twisting in her belly when he touches her, but nothing more. She wants to look at him and not see any emotions other than lust in his face, in his eyes. She shies away from any deeper emotion from him, pulls back when his caresses get too tender, ignores the softness in his voice when he talks to her in their more intimate moments. She doesn’t want him to fall for her, because if he does, she might have to face the fact that she is falling, too.

He has to pretend not to care about her. It’s the only way to get through, knowing what he does. Knowing that these feelings he has for her are wrong and twisted; he can never have her the way he wants. So he pretends. He finds another pretty blond girlfriend, he keeps their contact light and impersonal and tries not to flinch when she seems to be moving on as well. He pretends for so long that he thinks that he might actually be past the feelings for her that are so wrong; that he might be able to treat her like the sister she is rather than the girlfriend he wants. Then he sees his best friend holding her hand and declaring their relationship to the world, and he knows that he was just fooling himself. He has to pretend, but pretending is all it will ever be.
Tags: character: duncan kane, character: logan echolls, character: veronica mars, drabble: veronica mars, pairing: veronica/duncan, pairing: veronica/logan

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