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catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away...

okay, i have a question. why is it always one to three in the morning when you a) get hungry and spend half an hour prowling through the house for some decent food only to return empty handed, and b) get so freaking paranoid about everything that you wanna prowl around the house again just for something to do to keep your mind off of the crap that you know youll hate yourself for in the morning? god, i sound like a bit of an idiot, hm? oh well, im entitled.

so here i am, sitting complacently at my pc, checking out my friends' journals and replying as best i can, when suddenly im starving. and i want fruit. mandarin oranges, to be exact. so i get the fruit, but theres a prob, bob. i need a freaken can opener. so i go through the drawer looking for one, and by the time i locate it, i no longer want the damn fruit, i want ice cream. but when i look in the freezer, i see that the last of the ice cream has already been eaten. damn. then i find myself thinking that i would really like some chips, but of course we dont have any. admitting defeat, i make my way back to the pc to sulk. i definately need to go shopping for middle of the night snack foods.

wanna know something rather sad? when i watch tv, and someone eats an apple lets say, i suddenly really want an apple. stupid tv.

but its weird though, because im usually more creative at night. ive written more stories and poems (when i was in that phase) from one to three am than i have during the normal hours when normal people are awake. granted, some of those stories-or chapters to stories-were quite gruesome and not nice, but hey, it was still good work. most of twisted obsession got written late late at night, probably because thats only when i allow that side of myself to come out and play. good thing im not as prone to nightmares as i used to be, is all i have to say about that.


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