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So I have finally gotten back into Glee, after months and months of not watching it due to schedule conflicts. Namely, my roommate and I were never home at the same time, and as we are pretty much the only two people we know who like that show, we try to watch it together. Well, that went out the window this weekend when Oxygen had their very own Glee Marathon and my roomie was nowhere to be found. So I got caught up, and I have Thoughts. of course I do.


First, this whole resurgence of the Finn/Quinn relationship. Ew. That is all I have to say. Just ew. I didn't like it in the first season, and I don't like it now. For one, their names are faaaar to similar. Seriously, I don't know what it is about that, but it drives me up. The. Wall. Second, and I know that I am in the minority when I say this, but I really did like the Rachel/Finn disaster. I actually think that they do really well together. I think he helps to calm her crazy a little, and she makes him seem less like a total idiot. Also, she does push him to be a better person, where Quinn wouldn't give two shits as long as he put her back on the top where she thinks that she belongs.

Sam. New boy. Meh, whatever. I don't think he's particularly hot, and he has a mouth that reminds me a little too much of Steven Tyler, but whatever. I can totally deal with that if he keeps the Quinn/Finn hookup from gaining momentum and becoming a Thing.

Or maybe not. Seriously, guys:

Look At This.

I can't be the only one who sees it.

Rachel being more human makes me happy inside. I was digging on her friendship with Kurt and Mercedes last episode, and I really, really hope that we see more of it, and that TPTB don't decide to pull one of those "never happened, bitches!" stunts that they do. I don't want them to hate her again next week. I think that the poor girl needs some support in her life; and after last night I think that those two are the perfect ones to give it to her. And Puck, because I love him and I kind of think that he and Rachel could have a really rad sibling sort of relationship, where he tells her to shut up constantly because she's annoying, but will seriously kick the shit out of anyone who tries to hurt her. 

Which brings me to...PUCK AND LAUREN. Can I get a hell, yeah (hell, yeah)? I really hope that this isn't just being played for laughs, because she is made of win and he could really use someone who isn't afraid of him or bedazzled by his hotness to tell him how it is. Sometimes even smack him around a little bit, because something tells me that Puckerman would be into that.  It's nice to see a girl who has her shit together on this show. Okay, I really think that Brittany has her shit together, too, but in a different way. At any rate, I want to see where this goes.

Now the biggies. Karofsky. Holee Shitballs. So there I was, watching my show, loving the sparkly insanity of it all (because really, that is why I do love Glee so much. I don't watch it to make much sense, I watch it because it's fun and there's singing and everyone is quite obviously on drugs. Oh, and Sue. Duh), and then, bam. Shit got real. Or something. But seriously, I thought when Kurt confronted Karofsky about the crazy escalation of bullying he was going to be killed. Seriously. And then he was kissed instead, which, arguably, might not be that much better. I had to rewind that scene just to make sure that I was seeing what it looked like I was seeing. It was. I was floored. And then severely creeped out by the aftermath. Granted, I don't think that Karofsky actually meant his death threat, but that wasn't the part that freaked me out. No, the winking and the stealing of cake toppers all creepy like did the job just fine, thanks. I honestly don't blame Kurt for getting the hell out of that situation.

Blaine. I kind of love him, even though I do think he's almost too perfect to be real. I think that what Kurt really needs right now is a friend who knows what he is going through, and I believe that Blaine fits that bill. Plus he's really pretty. :)

So. Ships with Kurt. Honestly - and I know that this says something awful about me, but what can you do? - I am rooting for a Karofsky/Kurt pairing. However, not at this juncture. Karofsky is still far too closeted for anything good to happen, plus he was really really creepy and then threatened to kill Kurt because he was afraid that Kurt might tell someone his big, flaming secret (pun definitely intended). In my opinion, it could still be done, but it would have to be so slow that it could look like nothing is happening. I think that it would have to go something like his: Kurofsky starts to come to terms with being gay, and as he does, he tentatively enlists the help of the only other two gay boys he knows. In that process, Kurt begins to forgive him for being a creepy-ass freak, and a friendship starts to build. Then, in the far distant future (we're talking Season Three [late] or sometime Season Four, if the show survives that long [and the characters; I don't know where they all are in terms of grades, and that is the real irritation when you're dealing with a show that takes place in HS]), Kurt (it has to be Kurt, because if it were Karofsky it could easily become just an extension of the unwanted first kiss, and this time the ball really needs to be in Kurt's court) could come to the realization that he might have more than platonic feelings for his now good friend, who is no longer creepy. But I don't have the confidence that it can be pulled off, so let's just not go there okay? Because unless it is done just so, the Kurt/Kurofsky relationship would come off as out of left field and I have to admit that I would have a hard time seeing it as anything less than creepy and wrong. 

As for Kurt/Blaine...I like this pairing, too. I keep thinking that I don't, and then I watch them interact and change my mind. I think that if TPTB don't make Blaine another Jesse character, who seems nice but really has ulterior motives, then he could be just what Kurt needs at this point: a fellow student who is out and is willing to be there for him. I'd be happy if they continue things on the path they seem to be on now, with the two boys slowly sliding from friendship to something more, as naturally as breathing. Not forcing it or trying to make more out of it than it is, but just letting things happen as they may. And if and when the relationship runs its course, I'd like to think that these two characters could end things with dignity, and with the friendship still intact. That would be perfect, I think. Blaine at the moment is such a sweet, steady presence for Kurt, and I would hate to see that change for the sake of some drama that isn't really needed. 

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