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And so it goes, ever onward

Biology. They are watcing a film, and Bells is hyper aware of Edwards' presence. Then gym, where Mike is pissy because she likes Eds now and doesn't like him, even though he has a perfectly serviceable and probably far less crazy girlfriend. But it's really all about Bella so I don't know why I am surprised. Eds is waiting for her after gym, and she gets pissed that he was reading Mike's mind. Because this time she wasn't using one of her friends to flirt with her creepy bf. Ed drives her home. She is sad that he drives so fast that the ride home seems to take no time at all. They sit in the car and he finally tells her why she can't come hunting with him because it is-you guessed it-too dangerous. He might lose control and eat her. Huzzah! They stare at each other until it gets to be too much and then he makes her leave. That night she has her first sex dream starring Edward Cullen. I predict plenty of cold showers will be in her future. Next morning her dad asks about her weekend plans, and Bells insists that she is still going to Seattle and NOT the dance. He is disappointed. Then Eds picks her up and they go to school, him asking her all about herself. The rest is basically a rinse and repeat of the day before, except that this time when he takes her home they sit and talk and stare until it's almost time for Charlie to come home, and when Eds leaves he is spotted by the head werewolf-I mean the head of Jacob's tribe, who also happens to be his daddy.

My Turn
- Oh, ye gods, just make out already. You're worse than a horney 20 year old at a drive in.

- So now she's pissed that he's thought stalking her? Where was the anger yesterday, Bells?

- Another creepy thing: he thinks it's funny when he scares her. He actually chuckles.

- Bella's habving teh smexy dreams, do-dah, do-dah.

- Eds even likes the new band Philster introduced her to. Truly, it must be TRUE LOVE.

- He is so interested in every little thing she does and thinks...because he can't read her mind.

- They don't even touch each other. It's the weirdest courtship ever.

Sim: The Purity thing again. When Ed's starts to get hot and bothered by Bella, he makes her leave him.
Quoteables: "Flickers of the electricity I'd felt this afternoon began to charge the atmosphere as he gazed unrelentingly into my eyes...When I drew in a jagged breath, breaking the stillness, he closed his eyes. 'Bella, I think you should go inside now.'" (225. Purity again. When Eds gets turned on, he makes her take off)
Chagrin Tally: 0
Bella so Clumsy Tally: 3
When I Sparkle, My Face Looks Like This: perfect, fiercely beautiful, breathtaking, perfect & beautiful (all at once).
Grade: F

Bella's dad and Billy watch the game on TV; Bella ignores Jake and tries to see if Billy is going to tell Charlie who she was with. He doesn't. Jacob thinks that the entire thing is prett funny, and I would agree with him if I weren't so effing sick of this book already. The next morning Ed picks Bella up as usual, but tells her that after lunch he is going to be hunting with Alice, because he needs to be full for when he spends time alone with her, and also because Alice is the only one of his family who supports his choice to be with Bells. Rosalie, who is gorgeous, hates her. Go, Rose! Alice comes up and whisks Eds away, but Eddie promises that Bella's truck will be waiting for her after school, because he doesn't want her walking home. She might trip and fall into the road, resulting in a skull-crushing incident that he won't be able to save her from. Bella remembers that she left the key to her truck in the pocket of a pair of jeans a few nights ago when she took them off for bed, and so thinks that there is no way that Eds will be able to deliver. Of course he does, and it squicks me right on out. After making sure that no one could find her should she be killed by her boyfriend's blood lust, Bells doses herself with cough medicine so that she can get some shut eye, and wakes to a day that might be as sunny as was forcast. Edward is there, and after getting mad at her about her stupidity, has her drive to the woods, and takes her up, up, up, into a sunny clearing. At Bella's beckoning, he steps into the light.

My Turn
I am so through with the bullet by bullet reaction. Here is what you get for this chapter: Bella is effing retarded. Edward tells her that he might kill her, and okay, so we know that he's less harmful than a toddler on a sugar rush, but she doesn't yet know that. She keeps deliberately putting herself into these situations that could get her in some serious trouble. Also, Edward is an asshat. He spends all of his time smiling mockingly at her, yelling at her and telling her what to do, and dumb Bella just goes with it, because she feels that they are meant to be together forever. Look, kiddo, you're seventeen. I get that it seems like the end of the world if you two should part, but trust me, it isn't. This is how abusive relationships start. First it's the mental breakdown: making 'light' fun of her, insisting that she can't do anything without him, getting irrationally angry about stupid things. It's all a setup for when he snaps and beats the shit out of her. But by then she'll be so conditioned to believing that she can't survive without him that it will never occur to her to get the hell out. It's sick.

Also, I am pretty sure that he knew where the key to her truck was because he watched her take her pants off. He's a creepy Peeping Tom and the irony here is that he's the one preaching morality at her. As if it is somehow better that he keeps it in his pants despite the fact that he WATCHES HER UNDRESS AND SNEAKS INTO HER ROOM TO WATCH HER SLEEP. This is not romantic; it's twisted.

And another thing? Bella is clumsy, Edward is hot. We get it, do we constantly need to be hit over the head with it? If I have to read one more sentence about Edward's perfect fucking face I will probably do the thing that I promised Stephie (the lovely lass who let me borrow her book) I would not and burn the sucker. While cackling.

Sim: The fact that I want to punch everybody? No? Alright then.
Quoteables: Bite me
Chagrin Tally: 0
Bella so Clumsy Tally: 4
When I Sparkle, My Face Looks Like This: angelic, beautiful godlike.
Grade: Is there a grade lower than F? Because if so, that's what I want to give.
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