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Is There Something In Your Eye?

Hee. Also, I think that I will start putting these all in one post per day, so that I don't absolutely clutter up my journal with 90 posts about Twilight and look like one of those scary fan girls. Yes.

Quick Summary
The day after the whole Blood Fiasco, and Bella is sad that Eds wont be at school. People are teasing her because she fainted, which is totally understandable. It wasn't even that much blood. Jessica tries her damndest to get information out of Bells about the lunch she had with Eddie-kins, and Bella is keeping her mouth shut, which causes Jess to flick her hair around in agitation and whinney slightly. Out of nowhere a girl named Lauren suddenly hates her because Ed paid her some attention, and Mike defends her in a way Bella feels is territorial.

The morning for the beach trip is a sunny one, and Bella is surprised but a little less than grateful to see it. When she arrives at the rendezvous point, Mike is all gung-ho to have her sit next to him, and it pisses Jess off, so Bella contrives to get her next to him, instead. It works, and Mike sulks. They look at rocks and light a fire, and then decide split up, with half of the group hitting up the tide pools and the other half staying right where they are. Bella goes with the tide pool half, and does her best not to fall, stumble, or otherwise maim herself walking. She does okay on the way there, but on the way back falls and scratches herself up, of course.

When they return, there are some kids from the nearby reservation hanging out, and one of them knows her a bit because their dads are friends. He seems to have a thing for Miss B. When the Cullens come up and the tribal kids get shifty, Bella uses a bunch of inexpert flirting to get Jacob (for that is his name) to tell her what is up. He spills the local legend about vampires vs werewolves, and something clicks over in Bella's mind. On the way home she gets to be alone with her thoughts, and that is just the way she likes it.

- I wonder, did the great Alice carry the truck back to Bella's so that it wouldn't make noise? That would be perfect.

- How is Mike standing up for Bella "territorial"? Is it because he called her "his" friend? Gimme a break, Bells

- Too many bears to camp at the very place Ed said he and his brother were going, hmm? Whatever could this mean?

- She even has issues with the sun in Forks. Poor sun, all it did was try to shine brightly for Queen B.

- These girls sure do flick their hair a lot

- The clouds circled the sky like vultures over a fresh carcass. See, SMeyers, I can be a writer, too

- Ick. Not the "Bella so clumsy" schtick again. Perhaps I'll start a running tally of that, too

- Bells digs Angie's vibe because she doesn't need to pretend she cares. That's sweet.

- Oh, great. Just what Queen B needs. Another boy falling all over her. Hi, Jacob. I am told you are really first.

- Hee. Bella's trying to flutter her lashes. I wish Jake would ask her if she has something in her eye. Of course, no such thing happens, but I got a nice laugh out of it.

- How does one look allured, I wonder? This whole scene is killing me.

Sim: This was severely lacking in Eddie, so nothing to say
Quoteables: See above
Chagrin Tally: 1
Bella so Clumsy Tally: 2
The Many Faces of the Sparkly Man: 0. No Eds this time around.
Grade: B-, for that flirting scene. Hee.

Bella is freaking out because of what Jake told her. She wants to be alone to do her best not to think thoughts about vampires and Cullens, and luckily for her there is some sort of game on, so her dad is completely oblivious to her inner turmoil. In order to keep herself from pondering the new shiny idea that just took root in her mind, she puts on some headphones and grooves to a band that Phil likes, but that she usually doesn't have much time for. Surprisingly, she discovers that she likes it, once she gives it a shot. She falls asleep and dreams that Jacob is a werewolf, Eddie is a vampire, and Mike is a real boy. She wakes herself up and practices more avoidance techniques, until she runs out of things to do and she has to get on the computer and find out more about vampires.

So she googles, and learns all kinds of interesting things, but nothing that she can apply to the Cullens, so she tells herself that she is being silly and decides to go for a walk in the woods. Once there, however, she finds it is hard to stop thinking about the vamps, and she begins to really believe that darling Eds might be one. She weights her options, but because it hurts too much to think of being apart from him, she quickly decides that she will continue on the course she has already been taking, come hell or high water. That settled, she heads home and does homework.

The next day she is quite nervous about seeing Ed, but is delighted that it is sunny. She opens her window- it comes up very easily, and looks outside in excitement. That excitement lasts until she gets to school and has lunch, and realizes that none of the Cullen clan is there. A plan is made to head into Port Angeles to shop for dresses, but then that gets canceled because Mike asks Jess out. The trip gets planned for the next night instead.

The next day is sunny once again, and once again, there are no Cullens to speak of. Bells is very upset by this, and glad of the trip to distract her. After leaving her father a note reminding him where she has gone and that she has left dinner in the 'fridge - he is obviously no better at being an adult than her mother - Bella hops in Jess' car and off they go.

My Turn
- Ah, I bet this is a tribute to Muse, the band that inspired SMeyer to keep writing...gee, thanks for that, Muse.

- Bella dreams of werewolves and vampires huh? Is she psychic? And again with the glowy little Edward-stick. Oh, Sparkletard.

- She is aware that she doesn't actually have to research the damn legend, isn't she? Also, I love how melodramatic she is about the whole thing. She doesn't even know yet if he's a vampire or not, all she has to go on are these silly legends that hardly anybody really believes, and yet she's already made up her mind. Wouldn't it be the best thing ever if sh went up to Ed-kins with all this research and confronted him about being an awful, dirty bloodsucker, and he was all, "Chyeah, I'm not actually a vampire, but you have fun with that theory, crazy"? Too bad that isn't what happens.

- Okay, she realizes how dumb she's being...but then blames it all on being in Forks. Just when I start to think she's becoming a little self-aware, she proves me totally wrong.

- Ew, Ed's skin is frigid? And Bell still wants him? Why?

- Edward sometimes speaks like he's read Austen...OMG, he must be a vampire. It's obviously the only explanation.

- The idea of being without Eds puts Bella in so much agony that her mind has reject the pain. This girl has issues

- Ew, ew, ew. She's surprised that her window didn't stick, because she hasn't opened it in forever, but I am not surprised, because I know who has been. Ew.

- I love how Mike just doesn't get her essay topic. Because no one in Forks even knows what misogyny means, let alone how it could be found in Shakespeare. *eyeroll*

- If she's so damn sure that the Cullens are a bunch of blood suckers, why would she not get the reason why they might decide to stay home on a sunny day? She's supposed to be smart or something.

Sim: No Eds, no similarities
Quoteables: See above
Chagrin Tally: 0
Bella so Clumsy Tally: 1
The Many Faces of the Sparkly Man: 0. No Eds this time around.
Grade: D. There was no funny to be had.
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