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Ouch, Part Two

So in this chapter Bella has graciously started matching names to faces - and started comparing some of them to animals. She thinks it's amusing and kind of sad that one in particular keeps following her around like a lost puppy. Nice girl. Eddie has mysteriously stopped showing up for school, and Bella cannot help but think that it has something to do with her. Then Ed comes back and they bond over science, because that is what you do. His eyes are now more ocher than black - I don't know if I mentioned that they were black in the last post, but as this seriously becomes a plot point, I figured I should get it out of the way. She asks him if he wears contacts, and he gets suspiciously flustered. He is gorgeous, beautiful and has flawless lips and a voice like music. Apparently velvet wasn't cutting it anymore. She tells him that she exiled herself to Forks so that her mom would be happy traveling with her ball player boyfriend - who is too young, and sucks at his job, according to Queen B - and Ed tells her exactly what she wants to hear: that she is suffering far more than she would let on. It snows, and Bella hates the snow. Because it is cold and wet. And fun, and heaven forbid that she have fun. Also, everything about her is clumsy, even her writing. And Mike makes a useful puppy, because he makes it so she can ponder the pretty that is Edward instead of, you know, participating in her classes. Good boy. Edward drives a sexy, sexy Volvo and laughs at Bella when she nearly hits someone due to paying far too much attention to him.

You know, I kind of get it. Seriously, who hasn't gone through that stage where they were so completely wrapped up in some crush that they couldn't really focus on anything else? And who hasn't imagined that the person that they can't stop thinking about might be acting a certain way because of them? This book takes that possibility and makes it a reality, and the boy in question is a stud muffin, to boot. Still can't deal with the writing, but I do get it.

Similarities to Pam: Still not much. There is that push/pull going on here that Pam has with Mr. B, but I know that it will intensify in the next couple of chapters, which is good.

Quotables: Nothing still

Grade: We'll give this one a C, again,
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